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Azeedad’s Farm’s foundation Stallion “Way Beyond Reason” as pictured in the original oil painting by Jeannie Mellin Herrick, has been thrilling Horse Show audiences since his 2005 debut performance at the New England Regional Morgan Horse show where he won the Three Year Old Stallions, Jr. Champion Stallion and Grand Champion Stallion classes.

Way Beyond Reason will be available for breeding via AI frozen semen through SBS Select Breeders Service www.selectbreeders.com. With the miraculous improvements in frozen semen technology this seems to be the best way to ensure your breeding efforts are successful and easy to attain. It has become clear that factors which use to limit the successful application of frozen semen have been rectified and many breeders and veterinarians appreciate the ease, efficiency and economical benefits of breeding using frozen semen. 
Link to 2008 Breeding Contract for Way Beyond Reason

SBS instructions for Frozen Semen.pdf

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